I got 20 years left and I am perfectly happy.

I coughed up fucking blood the whole effing day. It has been quite some times since the last attack that was as severe as this one. I have been maintaining quite a healthy life style so the build up and the immune system was much better than it used to be. All of which are ruined the moment I got a series of misfortune accidents related to bike and sports. The injuries prevented me from active life and basically introduced me to the passive diseases I got all over again.

The cause of all this shit is

Pulmonary tuberculosis

Basically, in English, it means having your lungs punctured the shit out from bacteria and craps. It leaves your lungs weak and aged like an 80 yo man on the verge of death. I went back to Vietnam at the age of 3 and that disease nearly killed me. As I watched the kids around me disappear in the same hospital room, I thought they went home when they got better. Only 10 years later that I found out they were all dead. And the kids who survived on the same period of admission were numbered at 2. Me and another undead girl.

Now this disease is not so harmful when treated properly. And it usually stays passive and can only be active when the person in question is extremely weak and has his immune system shut down.

But then, did I mention the holes I had in my lungs?

Pulmonary edema

Again, in English, it means having your lungs squeezed the living shit out of by the excess air build up around it. Basically, every time I draw a breath, I pressed a bit more of air into the supposed to be air tight space around the lungs. The body is not built for such foreign pressure, so constant pain is quite a common thing. But the real danger is when there are so much air it also squeeze the fucking heart. That shit hurts like hell and dangerous as shit.

Well, I am happy still. I mean, why press it? 40 has gotta be enough huh? aside from the constant pain, there are a lot of benefits like…uhm…like I am not qualified to buy any kind of health insurance lol. When you have two deadly diseases, people do not make you buy stupid health insurance lol. Consider that a cost well saved 😉

Author: Viet Nguyen

I thought what I had do was, I had pretend I was one of those Deaf Mutes

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