Love’s definitions

Small little thoughts about this much discussed topic.

1.I once asked a guy how he got over the love of his life?

He told me to burn everything that reminds you of her.

Throw away things that cant be burned.

He burned, and threw away a lot of things, but the look on his face.

I dont think he ever forgot her.

2.Earnest Hermingway has lot of great quotes. One of the greatest is :

All you have to do is to write one sentence. Write the truest one you know.

I thought long and hard. And wrote:
I miss you.

3.In ancient Greek tales, Orpheus lost his wife, went to hell and got her soul back. On the river Styx, he looked back, and lost her for good this time. Never look back.

4.What is love? *music* Baby dont hurt me. Dont hurt me. No more*music*

5.People say: “Go ahead. Love. Enjoy it. Better you have loved then lost it, than not at all. ”
The idiots.

6.Oscar Wilde –

“there are only two true tragedies in the world. First is not getting what one wants.Second is others getting it”


7.Dante’s Inferno version of hell :

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter”

Mine is ” I want you as a friend “

8.Sputnik Lover – Haruki Murakami.
The woman which the main character loved has only half of herself left alive.
So the problem with losing the love of your life is not that half of you that were gone.

But the remaining half.

Author: Viet Nguyen

I thought what I had do was, I had pretend I was one of those Deaf Mutes

2 thoughts on “Love’s definitions”

  1. Hey! Could you maybe help me out with something…?

    Do you know if there were ever a series of short comics on the web with some of these quotes in them? Sorry, it’s just I’ve looked all over the internet for these and found nothing, maybe you’ve seen them…

    Nice blog by the way.

    1. Sorry I don’t think I have ever seen comics with these quotes in them. I collected these myself and they are from different tales and sources.
      You could try tumblr, where a lot of hipster images and comics and collected.

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